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Thank you for registering as an interested organizer in what will be a historical event! 

Please find general organizer guidelines below:

Event Goals: 

  • To gather people in an occupational protest on every single street named for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in America

  • Draw international attention to the systematic execution of Black Americans and the terrorism inflicted upon us by racist institutions

  • Celebrate the joy, love, and hope of our future in defiant acts of community and peace

  • To call everyone around the country to commit themselves in the fight to eradicate racism, sexism, queer/transphobia, xenophobia poverty, injustice, and all violations of civil and human rights and liberties.

Event Date:

  • Sunday, July 23, 2017

Event Time:

  • TBD by location
  • Goal-- 2pm-6pm ET
    • **4pm ET/1pm PT is essential, as it is the time we will perform a unified action across the nation.
    • Be sure to plan around that, be it earlier or later.

Event Locations:

We aim to occupy as many streets, avenues, boulevards, lanes, etc. named after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We aim for safety first and foremost, so occupying a highway is not part of this action, for example. While those protests have their place (and we have both taken part), this isn’t the focus of this day. If your area does not have a street, but has a monument or building named for Dr. King, that should be your first choice. A park named for Dr. King is definitely another option, in the place of a street.

If there is NOTHING named for Dr. King at all, you have three options:

  • Travel to the nearest one-- we will have event pages generated for each site and you can assist with organizing one the next town/city/state over
  • Take your actions to your local government officials’ homes/offices or the capitol buildings. Your action can be issuing a demand that there be a street or something named for Dr. King. It will be on you (and your fellow organizers) to decide what that something is. 
  • Find a place that has significant value in the life of Dr. King. For example, we have an organizer working on 

Event Access:

We want you to make every effort you can to obtain a permit to have this action so that your rights are as protected as possible. However, you have the right to peacefully assemble and that is what we are going to do. We are going to do some fundraising and hope to be able to reimburse all organizers for incidentals like permits, water, and snacks. We appreciate, though, if you can make every effort to combine resources as an act of love. 

Many city permits are $50 or less, especially for parks or squares, but have date limits, so be sure to act ASAP. Don’t worry if you can’t get a permit; most people organizing #NMOS14 didn’t have permits.

Please try to find locations that are optimally accessible to people of varying physical and mental/psychological abilities. We want all to feel welcomed and included, so we’re asking you to be proactive in deciding on a location that meets the greatest need.

Please try to have at least a Spanish-speaking translator whenever possible (or a translator relevant to the population in your area). If you can get someone who uses American Sign Language, that’s helpful. Several companies provide skilled interpreters at a cost. We ask for fundraising efforts to that end as needed.

This is a child-friendly event, so we ask that some volunteers be designated to help with supporting parents/caregivers as necessary. Also consider purchasing extra wipes, bottles, diapers, sun hats, visors, blankets, etc to have on hand for those in need.

We will send you a toolkit provided by Freedom Side, an amazing organization that helped us organize NMOS14. It will help you sort out particulars about engaging police and city officials and such.

Social Media Links & Promotion: 

It is of VITAL importance that you use the #MLKSitIn hashtag as much as possible. We encourage you to create location-specific hashtags (i.e. #MLKSitInHarlem, #MLKSitInBoston, #MLKSitInPhilly), but we need you to make sure that you’re also using the primary hashtag as much as possible to get it trending. Once your group has decided on a location hashtag for your event, please share with us (you’ll receive a form to submit details about your event in the next couple of days).

We will ask you to create tweets that we can send out through the main account throughout the days leading up to the event, but we strongly encourage you to use you platforms to get the word out. Use social media to engage your local community groups, places of worship, elected officials, businesses, etc. Submit the tweets on the forthcoming form.

Organizer Contact:

Please set up a contact email for your event so people can reach out directly. Provide that email on the forthcoming form. The email to reach us as lead organizers is info@mlksitin.com


We are fortunate enough to have permission to use these really amazing photos by Patience Zalanga (@bellanocheee on Twitter). We have created templates for you to use that just require you to add your location & time to the images.

You can download all images here: http://bit.ly/MLKSitIn2017_PromoImages

Every image needs to have #MLKSitIn, location, July 23 (and time), and contact email. It’s up to you if you want to include the main website or link to your event. If you choose the latter, please use tinyurl.com to create a shortened link to your Facebook event. 

Please stay consistent with the use of MLKSitIn in the tinyurl.com. This is what you will use in tweets and on promotional materials. 

Image Guidelines

  • Instagram: 640px x 640px
  • Facebook Header/Cover: 851px x 315px
  • Twitter Avi: 400px by 400px
  • Twitter Header: 1500px by 500px

MLK "I Have A Dream" Speech Except

Click below to download/access the excerpt from Martin Luther King Jr's
"I Have a Dream Speech" that we will all be reading together at 4:00 PM ET. 





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